Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last Day of Classes

The girls spent the semester working hard on learning to play the recorder.
Working on Latchook kits and also doing a diorama.

We had a potluck luncheon and the girls wanted to play a song.

A trio playing Hot Cross Buns.
Aiden and her Swiss Country side diorama.
Lexi and her winter wonderland.
Libby and her Arctic Diorama.

The girls each recieved their badges.
(There were quite a few missing and they will
get their badges at the ornament exchange.)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Recorder and Latch Hook

Well we have been meeting now for about 6 weeks. I finally managed to remember to catch some pictures in class.

The girls are moving along pretty well with the recorder. We have learned B, A, and G and most have learned to play 2 songs. Hot Cross Buns, and Merrily We Roll Along.

Last week I had 5 girls playing Hot Cross Buns in unison. I was so proud! Truthfully, If I did not accomplish anything else this semester, I felt I had arrived! (Since this is no easy task.)

We were able to get 3 in unison, playing the song, Merrily We Roll Along. But when we tried 5 together we had problems. So we will keep working on that one. (They are supposed to practice another song this week. (Au Claire De Lune.)

They are coming along on their latch hook kits, as we have some time in class while I am working individually with some on the recorder.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fall Club starts August 12

Just a reminder that we only have a few weeks left and our God's Girls club will resume.

Please make sure your daughter has a recorder and a latch hook kit. (8X8) is fine.
They will need them on the first day of class.

The recorders are available at WalMart. They had some in the toy section by the music stuff.
They had a cleaning kit and book with them. (First Act I think.)

I'm not sure if WalMart has any latch hook kits. But I know Hobby Lobby does.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mother Daughter Summer Tea/Luncheon

Today we had our Summer Mother Daughter Tea/Luncheon. It was a really special time to be able to get together and share. We had excellent food and fellowship. The girls had fun dressing up too.

On the menu was Orange Marmalade Salad and dressing, Chicken Salad and Croissants, vanilla wafers with whipped cream and bananas and strawberries, ham sandwiches, PB and J sandwiches shaped like hearts, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, a fruit tray and meringue cookies. To drink we had strawberry pink lemonade and orange iced tea.

We ate on fine china and drank from crystal cups. (Well it is about time we used them.)

Here are some pictures of our day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fall Semester Plans

Tomorrow is registration for our fall semester. Here are the plans our club has for the fall.

We plan to earn badges in: 

Recorder, Gold Award Pin

Latch Hooking, Gold Award Pin

Perhaps this one too:

I will be looking over things this summer and also hope to include one on a character trait.

There will be a $3.00 fee due at registration. Also over the summer I need each girl to 
get a recorder (1st Act or another from a music store is fine.) 
Absolutely NO Dollar store flutophones, please!

They also need to purchase a small latch hook kit. 
I prefer for it to be a small one 12X12 or smaller-
so they can accomplish it in one semester. 
You can find them here or at your local craft store.

We also have some fun upcoming summer events for those that wish to participate.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Croquet, Gold Award Pin

We have been working on our Croquet badge the past several weeks. We are having fun learning the game. the only issue we have had is that an hour is not long enough to complete the game. So the first person to make it to the other stake wins.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning Badge

For the past month our God's Girls have been doing a service
project for our Co-Op. They have cleaned the fellowship hall
every week after lunch. They have such great attitudes about
wanting to serve. I am really proud of them. Duties included wiping 
tables, cleaning the kitchen, wiping down appliances, cleaning inside
 microwaves, sweeping, etc. 

After cleaning, we had time for some jump rope. 
We will be working on this badge when we return from 
Spring Break. But I wanted to go ahead and get 
the girls started a little on it.

We also played indoor twister hop scotch.
(Since it was raining.)
We hope to be out doors when we return after
Spring Break.